Monday, December 12, 2011

Losing a Friend

So, I found it out of the ordinary last week when an ex-co-worker asked me if I heard about another missing co-worker. I said no until I looked at the newspaper and saw that face in the newspaper. My heart sank so badly. Not this co-worker not her, not my Dynee. The crazy lady who always laughed and was so bubbly and giggly. But it was. My goodness, the compassion that those co-workers and I had, I swear we felt that the police weren't looking hard enough and we had to do our own investigating. Things to me just didn't add up and knowing that Dynee was about to be a college graduate that week had me going in circles. I knew she wasn't that depressed she had a bunch of people behind her. When a few of us got together and conducted our own search party we ran into some of Dynee's friends and we explained who we were and began talking we all loved Dynee the same. I swear she had that angelic impact on other people and I love her even more. The compassion she had for everyone was just that much more comforting and knowing her belief in the Lord was just that much more amazing about her. I will never understand why people do such horrific, shameless, cowardly things. If that is supposed to make you more macho or something you should have done it in public like those old gangsters used to do instead of leaving someone to die. That was selfish and so since I believe in God so much I will leave it into his hands and let him deal with you accordingly because you can hide from us but you can't hide from God. And I only pray for the comfort of Dynee's family and friends. And like another said, "To know Dynee is to love Dynee, and to love Dynee made life that much more special." (Sam Bradford) May she Rest in peace and be with God and her beloved Husband.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Footstep Towards Success

So today I had a college tour with Miller Motte. Yes, I know your saying a college tour at 23 and didn't I go to UNC-P? Well let me explain that. I went into college right after high school but you see I had no on earthly idea where I wanted to go. I swore Pharmacy was it and of course I would love to have that kind of salary but things didn't quite work out like that. From there it was education but when that one Professor told me that I wasn't good enough I began to lose hope in myself. I played Mandy Moore's "Have a Little Faith In Me" Song every time I had to meet with that particular Professor. But when I was told that I died on the inside, not to mention my then boyfriend at the time broke my heart and we had future plans together. And then the biggest bomb of all I got sick happened. All back to back so can you imagine where my self-esteem was and then where my head was. It was just that bad. So I ended up dropping out and started to find my own way back to college on my own. So that brings me to today. I went on that tour and absolutely loved the atmosphere and the teachers. Everyone believed in everyone and the best part was that they have FREE tutoring. Plus, there is a dress code so everyone must wear the issued scrubs they give you. I can live with that. So since my application was free I decided to apply and guess what? I GOT ACCEPTED!!! So, therefore on January 18, 2012 I will begin my journey at Miller Motte College. Let's get this Medical Assisting Degree down so I can move up to Nursing!!! I'm ready to accomplish my dreams and no one can stop me and if someone tries they have dirt to eat first.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Knowing Your Strength

I was always taught you never know your true strength until it is tested. Who knew that August 18, 2011 would change my life and daily routines. I tell you I give all REAL parents a standing ovation because it is a tough job. On the morning of August 18, 2011 I was asleep in Gram's bed (like usual she has a sleep number) and around 6 am her phone rang and it was my Aunt and I just figured my cousin's girlfriend Jasmine went into labor and I was about to say I will be up at the hospital after work but this morning was especially different because Gram jumped up and yelled WHAT! So, could you imagine. Well she was like get up we have to go over to their house and i was like ok so i flushed with mouthwash and threw on a jacket and was like lets go. Little did I know as we were traveling over there Jasmine was dying and they were trying their hardest to revive her. But once we arrived at the apartment  my Aunt was covered in tears and her face was red and the boys were just playing like nothing happened. I couldn't help but grab them and kiss them because every part of me died moments prior of opening the front door. So since then I have had the boys and parts of me complain because of my back but the rewarding parts come into play once they kiss you or show you their art work from daycare. So, in other words you will never know your strength until it is tested. You are stronger than what people say and never say you wouldn't do something because although I didn't want to be a mommy right now I am filling a void in that gap for 3 precious boys and I wouldn't trade my day job with anyone else.