Monday, April 9, 2012

Been A Long Time....

Hey Followers,
It has been quite awhile since I have written on here but not to worry I am back and have a whole lot to tell you. Well for one the boys are back with their daddy and I couldn't be happier for him to get acquainted with them. They are doing wonderful. And Jordan is truly amazing and a brat. I truly believe my cousin is going to be just fine, although, I feel in my heart he is not over Jasmine I know she will be guiding him along the way. Well good news everyone I HAVE A MAN! Lol! Yes, my handsome, truly amazing hero of a one day husband Xavier is back and kicking. I am so happy and delighted to be with him for this last and FINAL time. He has no idea how bad I just want to be with him, and how marriage scares me but I am ok knowing that this will be our marriage and we will help and support each other everyday of our lives. He is truly amazing. This time I want him to ask my parents for my hand in marriage  and I don't want to be rude or come off like a jerk but I have to put my foot down too. I have only waited since senior year in high school. I tried relationships with other people and trust me it didn't end well. But this time I am not running and I will definitely give my relationship to God and let him guide us on this journey in life and love together. Oh yeah I found my 8701 CD after all these years. My baby brother is about to graduate high school and i feel overwhelmed with joy for him. And not to mention I have decided not to go on the family cruise this year, on account that I will be spending my moments with Xae loving him and celebrating his 24th birthday together. It just brings me joy knowing that I am about to live these special wonderful moments with the man of my dreams. I had the MS Walk on April 1st, yes on April Fool's Day! We did wonderfully! Easter was ok but I have been doing this project building a tabernacle with this guy at my church and I think he likes me. He bought me a late birthday present and a cake. WEIRD! But I did have to tell him I was in love with a man even though he lives in Germany for the time being (Xae does!). Put your worst foot forward and have faith that God will guide you in whatever you may partake in doing! The lesson here is HAVE FAITH! Til my next post (which will be in a few mins) -DaMonique

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