Monday, April 9, 2012

Love is Truly A Journey...

Love is truly a journey and my goodness let me explain mine and Xavier's journey. I have to be honest and get ALL of this off my chest. He and I have this on and off again relationship but this girl is so ready to commit. I put on this tough girl fore sod  but deep down I want to be happy. One of the guys at church keeps teasing me saying "So whens the wedding?" He was always saying that but I laugh and say "What wedding?" Really we say May 5th. It was supposed to be this year but I guess maybe it will be next year (It's a Sunday!) Ok back to the story, so he and I met in 8th grade we had Social Studies, Science and Math together. Although I was crushing on my bestie Greg, there was something about Xae I couldn't shake. He had this nonchalant attitude about him but as you start to crush on someone you start to notice the little things about them that would seem tedious and meaningless but its those little things you begin to love and cherish. I had no idea then that slowly this dude was breaking this girl down. So we "dated" in 8th grade then broke up. Those were the years of strictly handholding. Afraid to kiss each other in front of our parents. Even though his dad saw love in us then we had no idea. We went on about our business and left each other alone but it hurt to see him with another girl. Then in High School we saw each other and those pesky feelings came back again. So, we ended up dating again in 10th grade. We had our moments just ask him. That was when we started kissing and I love kissing him still. Well we broke up then, and had other disagreements and such but we got over them. Well senior year came around and I was so ready to date him again only because I had it in mind this would be the last time. I cheered and he came to the game to watch me and I would wink at him and blow kisses to him. Then we went our separate ways and for awhile I didn't know if I would ever see him or hear from him again. Then, college years and I ended up getting making a page and soon enough I seen him again. It broke my heart when he told me he was married. But at the time I was dating someone else so I put my best foot forward and said well I'd love to meet your wife and maybe we could go out to dinner together both couples. I wouldn't trust he and I in the same room alone PERIOD! That never happened but last February we got back in touch and have been speaking ever since. He came home for R and R and every moment was true love. But once again we separated. But this is the last and FINAL time. I have come to the consensus that if we don't work this time then that's it. We would have to move on, so with that being said here's the last 15 mins of this movie. Let's see how it ends up and the journey of a new chapter. I loved him then, and I still love him now! -DaMonique

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