Thursday, August 9, 2012

Life Is Looking Up!

My 1st Jordan's
The Ring isn't it gorgeous!
Well good news everyone. My honey came back to the Fayetteville area and we spent so much time together and we love each other so much more than words can express. Well he came back on July 3rd and we've been chillin. So a  day or two later he took me to the mall because someone hated my choice in my everyday shoes and wanted me to actually have a pair of Jordan's in my closet. And that was cool no big deal at all. So we spent some much needed time got a new pair of shoes, he bought some new earrings and a new hat and I got to pick the embroidery on the hat and I bought us some lunch. After that I took him to the sleep number store and let him get the experience and he loved the bed. After all I had his back in mind when I did all this. (Ok so I confess my back was in it too but thats just between us!) So after we just enjoyed each others company for the rest of that day but I had choir rehearsal and it was no big deal but when I came back his brother was down visiting with his kids and they were livin it up! LOL But then someone called me into the living room and I figured he needed my input on a song like normal but he didn't I turned around and his parents and his brother were standing right behind me and I was like whats going on and before I noticed he was down on one knee. I can only imagine the face I made but I turned back to his parents and said, "What the hell is this?!?" Only I would say that but of course my answer to his marriage proposal was YES and why would I say something else. Makes no sense. So here we are. I have come to the consensus that I don't want a big wedding at all. I would rather us go to the court house and get married and then meet everyone for dinner. No need for anything extra we don't need it. But I think he has something different in mind. So yes I have moved but its ok. Everything is working itself out perfectly and there is no need to worry about me. Just send your blessings. 

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