Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Footstep Towards Success

So today I had a college tour with Miller Motte. Yes, I know your saying a college tour at 23 and didn't I go to UNC-P? Well let me explain that. I went into college right after high school but you see I had no on earthly idea where I wanted to go. I swore Pharmacy was it and of course I would love to have that kind of salary but things didn't quite work out like that. From there it was education but when that one Professor told me that I wasn't good enough I began to lose hope in myself. I played Mandy Moore's "Have a Little Faith In Me" Song every time I had to meet with that particular Professor. But when I was told that I died on the inside, not to mention my then boyfriend at the time broke my heart and we had future plans together. And then the biggest bomb of all I got sick happened. All back to back so can you imagine where my self-esteem was and then where my head was. It was just that bad. So I ended up dropping out and started to find my own way back to college on my own. So that brings me to today. I went on that tour and absolutely loved the atmosphere and the teachers. Everyone believed in everyone and the best part was that they have FREE tutoring. Plus, there is a dress code so everyone must wear the issued scrubs they give you. I can live with that. So since my application was free I decided to apply and guess what? I GOT ACCEPTED!!! So, therefore on January 18, 2012 I will begin my journey at Miller Motte College. Let's get this Medical Assisting Degree down so I can move up to Nursing!!! I'm ready to accomplish my dreams and no one can stop me and if someone tries they have dirt to eat first.

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