Monday, December 12, 2011

Losing a Friend

So, I found it out of the ordinary last week when an ex-co-worker asked me if I heard about another missing co-worker. I said no until I looked at the newspaper and saw that face in the newspaper. My heart sank so badly. Not this co-worker not her, not my Dynee. The crazy lady who always laughed and was so bubbly and giggly. But it was. My goodness, the compassion that those co-workers and I had, I swear we felt that the police weren't looking hard enough and we had to do our own investigating. Things to me just didn't add up and knowing that Dynee was about to be a college graduate that week had me going in circles. I knew she wasn't that depressed she had a bunch of people behind her. When a few of us got together and conducted our own search party we ran into some of Dynee's friends and we explained who we were and began talking we all loved Dynee the same. I swear she had that angelic impact on other people and I love her even more. The compassion she had for everyone was just that much more comforting and knowing her belief in the Lord was just that much more amazing about her. I will never understand why people do such horrific, shameless, cowardly things. If that is supposed to make you more macho or something you should have done it in public like those old gangsters used to do instead of leaving someone to die. That was selfish and so since I believe in God so much I will leave it into his hands and let him deal with you accordingly because you can hide from us but you can't hide from God. And I only pray for the comfort of Dynee's family and friends. And like another said, "To know Dynee is to love Dynee, and to love Dynee made life that much more special." (Sam Bradford) May she Rest in peace and be with God and her beloved Husband.

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